Flange Nuts - Non-serrated

One of my pet peaves is with the flat washer / nut combinations used most commonly on carburetor studs, and valve cover studs. 

Having spent alot of time at the race track, or anywhere else where time is of the essence, I am always looking to make things simpler... and to eliminate areas for human error.  Fumbling around with the washers and nuts that are used on carburetor and valve cover studs is one area that CAN be improved.

We looked all over for the flange nuts that combine a large surface on the bottom, but the ones we found were all the serrated type.  These work well in cases where the locking action is required, but it really tears up aluminum!

We finally found a high grade flange nut with a smooth bottom, and offer these for sale in kit form with ARP studs, or in packs of 4 or bulk.



Sizes in stock:
5/16 x 24
1/4 x 28

Others available