Timing Light Tripod System

Tripod has a universal mount on top that fits both MSD lights, the Sears / Penske unit for sure, others can be adapted.  This holder will allow hands free timing observation.  Depending on your dyno cell layout, you can mark the pulley and view from the control room thru pull after pull.

From a distance back you can see things like spark scatter or even ignition cut-out.. VERY helpful.... BUT the latest option we have been working on is a VIDEO CAMERA feed that mounts to the tripod and will allow you to watch timing (or other interesting things) from the safety of your control room.

With this set-up you can see the actual timing number as you are making pulls. 

Once you get spoiled with this feature, you will be HOOKED!  Great for Programmable Ignition Boxes and of course EFI tuning to see the actual ignition timing.

We have been testing cameras from many different companies, and the target price for the camera system (not including TV monitor or tripod) at $400.

The tripod with timing light / camera bracket mount is $178.50.

We have been using a 22" flat screen LCD monitor that has versatile inputs for your laptop / remote camera / and coaxial that sells in stores for about $250

We are working on high quality timing lights (no dial back units) in the price range of $150.  Super bright bulbs, superior internal circuitry.