Carburetor Drain Stand

Pic shown above is for visualization only... this is the OLD DESIGN...

I am working on a complete new design that will fit all the carburetors on
one stand, and have some really cool features such as:

- A filtered drain line back to your fuel cell.. you flip the carb over into the stand, and the fuel will drain back into your fuel cell automatically. ( we can supply hose... you have to connect it to your fuel cell )

- A valve on the side to re-fill your fuel cup

- Automatic overflow protection plumbing

This is a very handy tool for the dyno shop that uses alot of carburetors!

We have used this technique since the first dyno pull ever made in our shop.  This stand makes
changing carburetors alot easier and cleaner.  Simply remove the carb from the engine, then flip it
over onto the stand.  The float bowls will drain into a stainless container without losing a drop.

Pump the accelerator pumps out and the carburetor is ready for disassembly or 
put back on the wall with these cool hangers.

The container of fuel can then be poured back into your fuel cell, or use that fuel to fill the float bowls back up on the next carb you are testing.

The stand also can be used as a work station holder while you re-jet or adjust the carb metering.

Model 135-5125 - Fits 5 1/8 flange - Holley 4150, 2300 series Holley, Rochestor Q-jet, Carter.

Model 135-4500 - Fits Holley Dominator