Holley Carb Heli-Coil Jig

25414 - Complete Thread Repair kit for Holley Float Bowl Screws $195
25414RI - Replacement 10 pack of Heli-Coil Inserts 12x24 $16 (USD)

Fasten the indexed plate to the Main Body and drill the damaged hole using guide bushing.

Using a second guide bushing, tap the hole to accept the heli-coil insert.

Follow with special bottoming tap.

Blow chips out of the hole and thread the repair insert into place.


Something that should be in every racers toolbox!

Ever had a float bowl screw pull the threads out on a Holley carburetor?  It usually happens at the worst possible time.

This combination jig includes an index plate, Drill and Tap guide bushings and full heli-coil set for the 12x24 thread size on Holley carburetors.

This design makes this field repair as accurate as if it were jigged up in a milling machine.  The plate will locate your drill bit square and in the proper location.  It also will hold the tap square to ensure the job is done right!  Thread repair made easy!